Sims 3 Tattoos

Just click the pic and it will lead you to further informations and the downloadbutton.

Enjoy my stuff . . .




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    1. Thanks for telling me. I am gonna fix that :D

  2. Please ,please create more colorfull tattoos for girls and boys! :D Love your work.

    1. Hi Lola ♥

      Thank you so much for your sweet comment. Three months ago was the last time I created some CC for the sims. Your comment made me wanna start again. So thanks for that :D
      I am gonna upload my new tattoo tomorrow night.

      Hugs from GWenie

  3. hi! i just found your stuff today i downloaded a few of them couldn't help it :) but i was wondering if you could make the bows and skulls for sims 4 i would really love it :)have a nice day :)