Wednesday, 25 December 2013

girly anchor

 credits: hair: gwenthekillerchicken, boots: ??? sailordress: ??? skin: s-club


Finally I have christmas holidays, so I decided to create again for the sims 3. Sorry for being away for over 5 months, but I really had enough to do with my work. I hope, to be around here more often in the near future. Thanks to the people, who haven´t forgotten about my little blog. And thanks for downloading my stuff!

I started to make a colorful tattoo again. It´s a girly anchor and you will get two versions. The first version is only the anchor and the second version is the anchor with nautical stars. The stars are recolorable.

You can find this tattoo as an accessory. It´s saved as "left garter".
The download contains a package file, a sims3pack and a picture.

♥ Enjoy my new tattoo...Hugs from your gwenie ♥

 girly anchor

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