Monday, 31 December 2012


The frontview is very classy and sweet, but the backview is UHHHH LA LA...very hot!!! Go and get my first swimwear to let your inner diva shine.
The swimwear has one channelcode and you can switch pattern .You can find this only in swimwear.

Sorry for using Adfly...but I really need some new panties. 
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Saturday, 29 December 2012


OMG, my very first CC-creation got featured on My Sims 3 Blog. Such an honor. I am so happy!

Here you can find the link:

Would be awesome, if you could push the "must have"-Button! 

I wanna thank WhiteCrow, for making this possible.

Friday, 28 December 2012


Ok, minors...close your eyes, because this is nothing for little innocent children eyes. :P But who wouldn´t wanna have  those kinky hearts??? Especially all the male simmies of your town will appreciate those "cothes" on their sweetheart. 
You can recolor the heart or give them another pattern. Maybe a glitter pattern would look cool. The hearts you can find in sleepwear, swimwear, everyday and of course in eveningoutfits :) I am sure if your simmie wears this on a party she is going to be the center of attention, but isn´t that exactly what  your simmie wants...I BET IT IS!!!

I wanna thank Reiner (CC creator csh) from the bottom of my heart for spending hours to guide me through the workshop and answering my (probably annoying :P) questions. DANKE!!!

Someone told me, that there was a semitransparent sqare between the breasts. I HAVE REMOVED THAT NOW. Sorry, for that. I haven´t noticed it while making the hearts. It must have been there from the mesh I used. Everything looks fine now. GO GET THE NEW IMPROVED VERSION OF MY HEARTS.

 Sorry for using Adfly...but I really need some new panties. 
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For those of you who don´t know me. Here are some of the simmies I have created so far. I loveto create simmies, which are different from the usual "mainstream".  If you want them in your game just click the pic and it will lead you to the EA-Exchange, where you can download them. None of the CC on these simmies were made by me. You can find the credits in the description of each sim. Have fun with them.

Hi guys!
Finally I managed to create a blog. I am new to this blogging be patient with me I am still learning. I decided to open a blog to show you my creations. At the moment I am learning how to use the TSR-Workshop, because I really would love to create my own things, which I then wanna share with you guys. It is hard to learn everything and I admire all the beautiful and talented CC-creators. A list with the CC I use so far will follow soon.
I finished my very first tiny bit of CC and I am gonna upload it tonight. Don´t expect too much from me in the beginning. And most important...don´t expect cute, adorable clothes. My style will probably be more punky, slutty, grungy and sexy. Hope you can live with that information. he he.
I will say goodbye for now, because I am working on my presentation for my first upload :D

Hugs from your gwenie